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Start your Own PHP Freelance Marketplace like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Elance and Peopleperhour with Best Freelance Marketplace Script in industry

Our Php Freelancer script that enables you to get started with your own Online Freelancer Clone Website. The script can easily be used for other business verticals such as Freelance Bidding, Outsourcing etc. Contact us for custom Freelance Marketplace script for your Online Freelancer marketplace business

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Freelance Marketplace Script
Freelance Marketplace Script

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About Freelance Marketplace Script

Freelance websites are mainly focused on freelancers and customers. Customers display their projects and invite service providers, freelancers, to bid on their product and service needs. Here, freelancers can find good choices for work with fixed prices, or by the hour. Some people like being their own boss; some want to work from home; some like to work at their own pace, and freelance websites work well for them.

Freelancer Clone Script by Dwarkesh Infotech offers all the features of popular freelance websites and fulfills all the requirements to launch your own freelance service providing website over the web. Through it, every freelancer's dream of working on their own schedule, from home, and being their own boss! Dwarkesh Infotech strives for innovation and success by determining which market strategies to include in their exceptional freelancing industry clones.

A Freelancer Marketplace Software designed by Dwarkesh Infotech specifically for the upcoming startups and SMBs aspiring to growth hack in the Freelance Industry by initiation of their own Freelance service providing website.

How Our PHP Freelance script is Best Freelance Marketplace Script?

Dwarkesh Infotech offers freelance marketplace script, developed to build your own freelance marketplace similar to upwork clone, elance clone and more. Freelancer marketplace is the revolutionary platform for business interactions where employers search for the best talent and freelancer get hired for their best skills. This is the medium for freelancer and employers to interact with each other.

The freelance clone script comes with amazing and innovative features, bidding module, project module. It is an cost effective approach if you are looking to setup your business with small investment. A freelance marketplace software is the easiest and quickest method to let your own freelancing website. Our script upwork clone, elance clone, is similar to freelancing websites and include most of the functionalities.

Features of Freelance Marketplace Script

Freelancer Marketplace has become popular thanks to multiple benefits it brings to business. It is especially the case for small and medium businesses since you can’t do all the jobs by yourself. Freelance websites have raised as a platform connecting project owners and skillful freelancers.

Freelancer Marketplace Script is most familiar among the people, though the admin panel freelancer and employers are managed easily. Managing the category and subcategory, user management, add new project etc. in the membership view, admin can view the details like membership account, icon, rating, employer fee, freelance fee, project, skills. Bidding list enables a number of bid count and status of that. On the finishedproject, admin can update the status of the project.

Through newsletter subscription website owner could send an email notice to the subscribed users. Manage general settings like about us, FAQ, how it works, testimonials, timeline, information, Employers, services, contact us, social network connection.

Our Freelancer Clone script has key features like

  • Advanced Search
  • Project submission
  • Freelancer profile managemant
  • Project bidding
  • Monetization plan
  • Different payment gateways( Paypal,stripe, etc..)
  • Fully responsive
  • Intuitive page builder
  • SEO friendly
  • Project Workspace
  • Review & Rating
  • Dispute Management
  • Customer Dashboard
Freelance Marketplace Script App
Website Features Of PHP Freelance Marketplace Script

Responsive Web Design

SEO Friendly URLs

Secure transections

100% Error free code

Lightweight Codeing structure

Payment Management

Paypal & Stripe Payment Integration

Login with Facebook

Login with Google


SQL Injection Proof Structure

Indexed Databases

Email and Dashboard Notifications

Site map

Maintenance Mode



Google Analytics

Export Details with CSV & XLS

Contact us

View Users Login History

Abusive Keyword Defense

Admin Features of PHP Freelance Marketplace Script

Highly Secured Admin Panel

Front end CMS page

Manage CMS Page SEO Details

Admin User

Admin User Access

Admin Role


Website Setting

Blog Category

Blog Post

Blog Comment

Contact us Response



Website slider


Email template

Admin Side Notifications



Total Sold




Let's Discuss Features for your Custom Freelance Marketplace Script requirments

Freelance Marketplace Script

Revenue model of Freelance Marketplace Script

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are a varied bunch. They come from all walks of life. Some start their PHP freelance marketplace and entrepreneurial careers part-time while working in high-powered office jobs. 

The opportunities are endless in the freelancing website revenue generation. Freelancing business is the hot trends in the market today. You can hire desired developers, designers, and creative handler to work on your new projects. We have built and design this PHP freelancer script to start a website in a minute. In the user-friendly website, we have categorized Freelancer Clone Script into three layers collectively employer dashboard, freelancer dashboard, and powerful admin dashboard. Freelancer website is designed and developed to attain maximum stability and revenue generation motive.

Your Freelance Marketplace script can be based on followinf models:

  • Business to Business model(B2B)
  • Business to Consumers model(B2C)

You can also get Freelance clone of popular website :

  • Freelancer Clone
  • Upwork Clone
  • Fiverr Clone 
  • Elance clone
  • Peopleperhour Clone

Benefits of Freelance Marketplace Script

Every organisation comes across a phase where hiring talent to expand the freelancer marketplace business is the need of the hour, but hiring full time employees may not be the only option. Today’s hiring climate is undergoing a major shift; the significant factors like limited resources and the competitive environment are paving the way for organisations to seriously consider the freelancer marketplace Website.

Irrespective of whether you’re a Freelance Marketplace Clone startup or an enterprise, this is high time for you to critically consider Freelance Revolution and take benefits for your business growth.

By using Freelance Marketplace Script you will get fruity benefits like : 

  • Get access to a wider pool of skills
  • Flexibility to Suit Business Requirement
  • Reduce Hiring Burden
  • Hire Experts in Various Fields
  • You have flexibility to scale up or down as needed
  • You decide on the budget and timeframe
  • You can get your work done faster
Freelance Marketplace Script

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